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Friday, April 22, 2005

What a Waste!

Having a spent an entire day at the public library reading Animal Farm in one sitting (not that it's a long book) I wondered the streets of downtown Toronto in search of food -- I had quite forgotten to feed myself being absorbed in the said farm adventure. Now it is quite extraordinary that you are still able to find places downtown that only accept cash. I was taken quite aback by this when I realized that I was going to be denied by much desired bagel as a result of no cash. Subway had to be substituted for the said bagel-- it was really quite sad. I decided to have an orange juice with my meal. This juice came in a glass bottle. When I was done drinking, I found to my surprise that the store did not have a recycling bin. So I carried the bottle with me down the street in search of a recycling bin and so happened to wonder in a nearby Starbucks where I ordered a "Zen" tea (I won't go into the details of the hypocritical names of these brewed drinks as then I will probably have to delve into my own hypocrisy for purchasing them!). Having not yet found a recycling bin, I asked the cashier if they had any recycling bins where I may dispose of my bottle. She quickly answered "yes" and took my bottle. While I was walking by with my tea I watched her. She stared at the bottle, confused, for a little while and having looked around her, asked her coworker where the recycling bin was. He gave the bottle a dirty look and said quite loudly "we don't have a recycling bin, just throw in the garbage!" I was quite appalled at this course of action but could do no more as I saw her drop the bottle under the counter as he said this. Alas, the glass bottle was lost among heaps of paper cups and brewed coffee beans to be disposed of in some environmentally destructive manner. Either my children or I will probably live to witness the horrifying effects of this act of brutality.

Moral of the story: do your own recycling! Trust no one!


  • At 4/23/2005 9:13 AM, Blogger Y said…

    yeh! you're writing again!


  • At 4/24/2005 9:06 PM, Blogger MelissaFlower said…

    You could always have recycled it yourself in one of the many recepticles in Toronto. You just didn't want to walk that extra block, did you?

    Don't complain about the problems of others when it was your own laziness that was the problem.

    Although it is weird that a Starbucks didn't have recycling... they must have lots.

    Next time you have recycling, you should pay a homeless person to swallow the glass and then throw up in your mouth. I'd laugh.

  • At 4/28/2005 3:38 PM, Blogger A. D. said…

    This has happened to to me as well, and in my young and idealistic days (read: 19) I would have traversed those noisy, gritty blocks to find the trash receptacle. Nowadays I can't be sure. But I like how in this case, the glass bottle represents so much. If that were ablack-and-white film, the bottle would be colured (I'm thinking a very pale blue) to contrast with everything else. And upon bein thrown into the garbage, the colour would disappear.

    But I digress. Recycling good. Might save Earth. Then again...


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